Now Living Together

From love’s slippery shores
we somehow survive
yet we thought
from all the windows of life
happiness… with all its sculptural dexterity
will simmer our blood and make us soar
among waves and even fill
our paths with laughter.

This fall of letters, have immersed us
in the river, the shores,
the fecund mud-filled valley.
Hopefully we shall discover the bond of bridges.

I don’t know when, where, how
our forefathers coming in the guise of children
shall carry the rain from the sky and
pour it into the faded green of gaiety’s valley.
Thankfully because of these thoughts
I read the story of my life behind the sun
and post undelivered letters of love…
kindle dialogues.

Pijush Dhar is a retired AG office man and editor of Pahadiya, a bengali literary journal


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